• How to Build a Learning Management System with LifterLMS

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    In this free course, you will discover how LifterLMS empowers you to easily create, sell and protect engaging online courses. If you’re serious about your online course, LMS or membership project, be sure to become a LifterLMS Pro Member so you can get priority private support, some graphic design assets (achievement badge packs & certificate backgrounds), and access to special discounts and promotions that only LifterLMS Pro Members can take advantage of.

  • The Artist's Business Plan

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    Writing a business plan is daunting. You’ve got to do projections and executive summaries and a SWOT. And once it’s done, you don’t even know how to use it. Not fun. But you can write a business plan that’s simple and totally useful for YOU.

  • Artistic License

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    Artistic License

    What is Art Licensing? I like to think of it as someone renting your art. A company or manufacturer will give you some money in exchange for using the digital image of your work on products – from wall calendars to lunchboxes to notebooks and jigsaw puzzles, even just canvas prints – that sell in…

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