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How can I help you build your art business?

My Services

I help other artists find a path toward financial comfort simply by embracing their passion. You can make a living from your art. Let's eliminate the "starving artist" myth together! Ready to journey with me? Just click!

My Clients

I understand that different people need different things. And I realize that artists are a different breed. Your creativity can't be tied to a schedule and you have to make adjustments to account for that. Click to see what some of my clients have said about the process.

My Art

I'm an artist through and through. I dance, sing, sculpt, and print. I make jewelry and play a little piano too. You can find some of my visual art here.

Contact Me

I want to hear about your hopes and dreams! I want to hear about your art, your works in progress, your inspirations! I want to hear about your creative blocks and your bursts of feverish creation! Just send me an email. I can't wait to hear from you.