Broken Down.

Broken Down by Laura C George. Photograph.

Broken Down by Laura C George. Photograph.

Yesterday, I was driving around town with my friend in her ’96 Jeep Cherokee. It’s definitely seen better days. When it stuttered and shook, we knew there was a problem. Suddenly, she couldn’t use the gas pedal, so we slid over to the side of the road and barely made it into a nearby parking lot with the momentum we already had. Broken down.

There are a lot of blog posts I could write from this experience. A nice man helped us push the car into a parking spot. That would make a great post. It started pouring. We couldn’t get a hold of any family or friends for at least an hour. When we finally did get someone on the phone, four people were offering to come get us. Not to mention the whole “momentum” thing I mentioned above. These would all make amazing blog posts.

But you know what. I’m tired. So I’m going to teach you that lesson. Sometimes, you just need to go take a break. And that’s what I’m doing today. (With chocolate.) There will be no business post today from me. But if you missed it, I think you’d really like the post from Monday about Fear.

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    Well said! This is something I’ve been trying to share with my friends/family here recently….sometimes you gotta chill. If you don’t things can build up until you’ve burnt out.

    Why do breakdowns always seem to happen in the pouring rain? lol It seems like I’ve only had one breakdown that wasn’t in the rain…and I was on a 14 hour drive after having had my license for a big whopping 5 months, and I was 6 months pregnant. (Don’t worry…it’s not as weird as it sounds…I got licensed on my 24th birthday)

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      Ugh! 6 months pregnant?! That’s awful, Amanda! So glad you’ve learned to chill out and are imparting your wisdom to others. It makes a big difference. What am I doing now? I’m off to bake chocolate chip cookies with my boyfriend! Major chill out time.

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