The Contract

Bonus: Interview with Kiffanie Stahle

Length: 50 minutesComplexity: Standard

An interview with Kiffanie Stahle - a lawyer specializing in working with artists and creative types. Kiffanie and I talk about preventing the legal pitfalls of art licensing as well as some important things to include in your contracts and what to do if things go wrong.

Agreement Drafted

Length: 7 minutes

Agreement Drafted

Basics about the contract, a sample contract for your edification, and how to get the contract to the company without any snafus.

Bonus: Contract Necessities

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Standard

The 9 things I recommend you have in every licensing contract to make sure the basics are covered and your art is protected.

Potential Agreement Tweaks

Length: 4 minutes

Potential Agreement Tweaks

What to do if the contract isn't perfect on the first try. A few specific things that you might want to watch out for in the contract and the different ways to get paid.

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