The Overview (Free Preview)

The Overview
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The Overview

I want to start by telling you what licensing is – you know, just in case you aren’t sure why you bought this course.

Licensing is when you give a company or manufacturer rights, for a limited time and in a limited capacity, to put your art on their products. It is a way to basically lease your art out and a much better solution for getting your art onto products than you having to manufacture, store, and sell the products yourself – an intimidating business for the little guy that will almost certainly keep you from having time to create.

Licensing can be incredibly daunting for an artist too.

You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t really matter if you feel confident because, seriously, things are done the way they’re done and there’s a step-by-step you can follow. Allow me to simplify the process for you so that it sounds less terrifying. For many people these sorts of things are everyday business. You’re perfectly capable of doing them too, you just need to know how.


Here’s the super-simplified step-by-step:

1. Interest is Shown

2. Collecting More Information

3. Making an Initial Offer

4. Negotiations

5. Drafting the Agreement

6. Tweaking the Agreement

7. Signing the Agreement

8. Paying Any Advances

9. Delivering Art

10. Post Mortem


Seriously. It’s that simple.

And there are a few steps in there that don’t happen with every deal, so it might even be MORE SIMPLE when you are working through your first licensing deal. In the rest of this course, I’ll teach you a lot more detail on each step so you can walk through the process with grace and make your soon-to-be client think you’ve totally done this before (you’re such a pro!).

Now would be a great time to take a peek at the vocabulary list and maybe read through the bonus lesson on prepping for art licensing before you get started with the Interest Shown lesson.

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